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Why choose Hollywood Limos and Classic Cars?
Here are the top ten reasons for our loyal customer base and why we have remained in business for thirty years in two countries.

  1. We have organised successfully over 3500 events in the UK and Canada.
  2. We are registered members of the National Limousine Association UK.
  3. We are fully insured.
  4. You will be dealing with a firm local to Exeter, Devon, and not a faceless national limousine agency
  5. We operate strictly to paper contracts only.
  6. Our cars are clean and beautifully upholstered. We do not allow smoking or eating in our cars.
  7. We are fully licensed as a limousine operator with the local council. Each chauffeur has undergone medical checks, a criminal records bureau check, and an additional stretch-limousine driving test.
  8. Our smart, friendly chauffeurs have many years of experience in helping events like yours run smoothly.
    We have the benefit of local knowledge. Over many years of operating in Devon, we have come to know most of the churches and reception locations and can position the car for the perfect photo.
  9. We carry brollies in case it rains. This is the UK, after all.
  10. We come highly recommended by the local media, South West Tourism and the BBC’s Holiday Programme. Our service has been the choice of many high-profile celebrities.
How do I book a limo?
We send you a booking form which we ask you to complete and return with a deposit (as shown on the form). This form is a contract so we both know all the details of your special event and you know we will turn up.

Some limo companies accept and conclude bookings over the phone, with payment to be made in cash on the night. This is a very precarious arrangement, and gives the limo operator the freedom to drop you in favour of a higher paying job.

No paper-work, no proof. Don’t plan your night on a promise — get it in writing.

What information will you need from me?

When you call for a quote, we will require the following information.

  • How many passengers in your party?
  • How long will you want the limo for?
  • Where will the passengers be collected from? Will passengers be collected from more than one location?
  • Where do you want to go to?
  • We have a policy of no-smoking in all of our cars. If you are planning a long journey, will you require rest and smoking stops to be included in your itinerary?
  • We do not allow food in any of our cars. Will you require a stop for food? If so, when and where?
How many passengers do you carry?

Eight is the maximum number of passengers allowed in the UK, regardless of the specification of the limousine. It is the law.

For a vehicle to carry more than eight passengers it must be registered as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and obtain a Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF). Under current UK law, it is impossible for any American limousine to meet the requirements of these qualifications; if any limousine did, it would look like a bus.

If a limousine carries more than eight passengers it is breaking the law and the terms of the operator’s insurance. If the vehicle is stopped by the police, the vehicle could be impounded on the spot. In the worst case, in the event of an accident, any losses will not be covered by the operator’s insurance. You could lose at lot more than just your deposit.

For a more detailed discussion of this law, see the website of the National Limousine Association (UK).

Is Hollywood Limos the company that supplied the cavalcade of vehicles for the Michael Jackson visit to Exeter in 2002?

Yes we most certainly are! In addition to providing three stretch limos, we also provided the 1930s ‘Great Gatsby’ convertible, from our vintage collection, to transport Michael Jackson round Exeter City football ground. For pictures of the event, visit Uri Geller’s website.

Our Super-Limo, “Big Tex”, has, in fact, transported Michael Jackson in the past as well as Hugh Grant, Westlife, Uri Geller, David Blaine, Peter Andre, Gary Lineker, Barbara Windsor, Venessa Mae, Teddy Sherringham, Claudia Schiffer and Leslie Garret to name but a few!

We are looking for the cheapest price. What can you give us?

While our limos have transported many celebrities, where 100% reliability and security is essential, don’t worry you won’t be paying Hollywood rates!

We supply value and expertise for your money, and make sure everything runs smoothly and to your timetable. We are an active and registered member of the National Limousine Association UK, a guarantee of service and courtesy. We are insured. Our cars are maintained to a high standard, both mechanically and aesthetically. Every job we do is backed up with a written contract between our company and the customer. You can rely on us; make plans by us. When we say we will be somewhere at a certain time, we will be.

What type of limousines do you have?

We have the genuine article: imported American Lincoln limousines. When booking a limousine with a firm, you should always confirm the make and model. It is not unheard of for customers to find they have hired a limo based on a retired funeral car!

We are constantly updating our limos, so please check our website for the latest specifications. We currently have a selection of white and black limos, including the recently acquired Super-Limo (Big Tex) the longest limo in the South West!

What is your policy in the event of mechanical breakdown?

We have a flawless record for service and reliability. However, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, we have a full breakdown recovery service in place. We have a large supply of limos so can always provide a back-up service to get you to your destination.

What is the age and condition of your limos?

We take great pride in our cars. All of our limousines are current models, with a high standard of upholstery and modern array of features. Each limousine is garaged for protection from the weather, and we clean and inspect each limousine prior to sending it out on a job.

We are not a limousine dealership making some money out of our stock before moving it on. Our principal and only business is limousine and wedding car hire, and we take the greatest care of our fleet.

Can we smoke and eat in your limos?

No. For the comfort of future passengers, we operate a strict no-smoking and no-food policy.
However, if this is a requirement, you can arrange in advance for special stop-offs to accommodate smokers and hungry passengers. Be sure to mention all your requirements during booking.

How do we know you are a reputable company?

We have been in business since 1979 in Canada and transferred to the UK in 1990. The length of time we have been operating speaks for itself. We are members of the National Limousine Association (UK) and fully licensed by the local council. We have the commendation of South West Tourism who use our cars in the promotion of Devon abroad, and are the choice of many celebrities whether they are seeking glamour or discretion.

Lastly, all of our business is conducted with a high degree of transparency — we insist on paper records and receipts for every booking.

What are your chauffeurs like?

We know our chauffeurs are the representatives of our company, and we choose them for their capability, charm and enthusiasm. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, and we have chauffeurs who have worked at the Royal Mews and chauffeurs trained by Rolls Royce. For more high profile events, we can offer chauffeurs with a background in the Marines and with close-protection experience.

As a fully-licensed limousine operator of the local council, each of our chauffeurs has been personally vetted for their suitability for the job.

  • Each of our chauffeurs has passed an additional advanced driving test in the handling of limousines.
  • Each of our chauffeurs has undergone a rigorous medical
  • Each of our chauffeurs has a clean police record, more specifically they have each passed a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.
We are thinking of hiring your convertible. Is it waterproof?

The ‘Great Gatsby’ convertible is really popular all year round. It looks great with the top up or down and is waterproof and windproof. It has really wide doors and lots of headroom.

How many cars will we need?

It is possible to get by with one car, but using two cars is the more usual scenario. The first car takes the bridesmaids and the mother to the service, and the second car takes the bride and father (or whoever is giving the bride away). After the service, the newly-married couple are driven to the reception in one car, with the bridesmaids, mother and father following in the second car.

If the distances involved are small, then it is possible to get by with one car. Two trips are made to the service, and one trip is made to the reception.

How much room do your cars have?

All of our cars have been chosen for their suitability for chauffeured service and have plenty of head and leg room; passengers of all heights, in all manner of glamorous outfits, may travel in comfort in our cars. On the day itself, the chauffeurs will be on hand to help you in and out of the cars, and ensure all passengers are comfortable.

As you will see from the photographs on this site, each of our cars has its own special position within our fleet, and differs from the other cars in size and passenger capacity. Before concluding a contract, we go over the details of your day and choose the best cars to suit your needs.

What car decorations do you suggest?

We provide complementary off-white ribbons on all our cars. From experience, off-white is the colour most sympathetic to the colour of our cars.

We do not recommend the addition of flowers to the cars. Aesthetically our cars do not need it, and in photographs they compete with the foreground guests for the viewer’s attention. For this reason, and because of the associated extra organisation, our advice is to constrain decoration to ribbons alone.