retro limo

Watch our Chevy on TV

January 19, 2016 -  Filming / Celebrity

You can see our 1957 Rock & Roll Limo in comic fantasy film ‘Red Top’ on SKY Gold Channel at 10pm on Wednesday 20th January.

Comic fantasy Red Top tells the story of Rebekah (Maxine Peake), an innocent and beguiling northern girl who accidentally becomes chief executive of news international and gets caught up in a Watergate type scandal.

The American Chevy limo is featured in a night scene when a group of drunk punk rockers come staggering out of a hotel in Plymouth.

Rupert Murdoch is played by Nigel Planer

Andy Coulson, newspaper editor, played by Russell Tovey

A return visit by Harry Enfield (who we have filmed with before in CHURCHILL AND THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS)

limousine hire for filming in devon

Limousine for Filming

December 15, 2015 -  Filming / Celebrity

Filming in Exeter with big tex limo then up to Dartmoor for atmospheric ! ! Bear Grill experience for the Spanish and English presenters. Latest film from Disney, Good Dinosaur. Featuring Parker the chauffeur.